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Types of Love

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Written by: Vritti Rijhwani The notion “love” is most talked about and yet is confused and limited only to romantic relationships. By doing so we risk neglecting other forms of love that might be healing, comforting, and fulfilling. The Ancient Greeks classified 8 different types of love and they are :  1. Eros: Erotic love.  […]

Mental Health – An Immediate Need

life surfers, mental health, counselling, importance of mental health, why we must need to focus on mental health, top 4 reasons to focus on mental health, mental health is important

Written by Niharikaa Mehta With the given circumstances, mental health has become the talk of the hour. Compared to the previous decade, there has been a surge in mental health awareness and the need for mental health counseling. However, this does not deny that physical and mental health is still not on par with each […]


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