Our counselling services focus on building and enabling emotional and behaviour wellness, personal growth, productivity, and managing emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety in adults. We incorporate evidence-based approaches like CBT, REBT, Mindfulness, hypnotherapy, and Gratitude into our integrated counselling and coaching.

Seeking Counselling help for the first time may seem overwhelming. It is understandable because trying new things make us nervous.

We suggest, try it out and see if you can make therapy work for you.

We Offer

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is one on one counselling between an individual and the therapist. There may be multiple issues that one can need help with. For example, – relationship issues, anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, procrastination, and other emotional and behavioural concerns or problems at the workplace. Sometimes, you may simply need to vent and speak with someone without having any specific identifiable problem. Speaking with a therapist can help in this cathartic venting

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy, is when two people in a partnership by marriage and/or other than marriage, choose to resolve multiple issues in the relationship, with a therapist. We work with partners in marriage, outside of marriage, pre-marital issues, and second marriages. We offer assistance with an aim to develop better understanding & have an enhanced and happier partnership among couples. A common myth about couples or marital therapy is that one needs to have a problem in the relationship to seek help. Well, not really. Two people bring their set of values and expectations in a relationship. With the help of counselling, they can get skilled in handling each other and themselves better, to enhance the relationship quality.

Campus, Colleges, and Universities

Life Surfers is particularly sensitive to the mental health and psychosocial support needs of young adults in university, college, and coaching campuses across India. If you are a student, teacher, counselling cell coordinator, or peer of someone who needs mental health or emotional support and assistance, you can get in touch with us.

We collaborate with college counselling cells to train and equip them with prerequisite skills to enable effective counselling assistance to students.

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