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In India, Mental Health is grossly misunderstood with limited access to mental health care and training, coupled with high stigma. Life surfers focus to help normalizing mental health.

Stress Management

stress, stress management

Written by: Dhyey Shah It might appear to be that there is no way around your stress level. The bills won’t quit coming, there will never be more hours within the day, and your vocation or family duties will consistently be requested from you. Yet, you’ve got significantly more control than you might suspect. Actually, […]

Mental Health – An Immediate Need

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Written by Niharikaa Mehta With the given circumstances, mental health has become the talk of the hour. Compared to the previous decade, there has been a surge in mental health awareness and the need for mental health counseling. However, this does not deny that physical and mental health is still not on par with each […]


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