Stress Management

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Written by: Dhyey Shah It might appear to be that there is no way around your stress level. The bills won’t quit coming, there will never be more hours within the day, and your vocation or family duties will consistently be requested from you. Yet, you’ve got significantly more control than you might suspect. Actually, […]

Types of Love

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Written by: Vritti Rijhwani The notion “love” is most talked about and yet is confused and limited only to romantic relationships. By doing so we risk neglecting other forms of love that might be healing, comforting, and fulfilling. The Ancient Greeks classified 8 different types of love and they are :  1. Eros: Erotic love.  […]

Understanding the Intricacies of Long-Distance Relationships

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Written by- Rounak Parasnis Relationships that are often hindered by geographical separations are called long-distance relationships. They lack face to face contact, but nowadays social media and the internet have assisted couples in long-distance relationships a lot. Even though long-distance relationships have been a part of our lives for many years, The COVID-19 crisis has […]

Mental Health – An Immediate Need

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Written by Niharikaa Mehta With the given circumstances, mental health has become the talk of the hour. Compared to the previous decade, there has been a surge in mental health awareness and the need for mental health counseling. However, this does not deny that physical and mental health is still not on par with each […]


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Life Surfers interns work for The Mind-Life Project, with an aim to think like a mental health professional. The Mind-Life Project, intends to connect mental health to quality of life. We focus on interns passion, commitment, social media and communication skills to research, curate and disseminate information to raise awareness and de-stigmatise mental health, while […]

What is Counselling?

“Counselling” or “Psychotherapy” is the term used for a professional, collaborative relationship between a person and a Psychologist/ Psychotherapist, that is maintained with specific goals in mind & is time-bound. It enables you to talk openly and freely in a non- judgmental and objective environment. It aims at helping you objectively identify yourissues, and change […]