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we focus on upskilling people to take better charge of their mental wellbeing..

By enhancing their emotional and behavioral health.

Some Mental Health Facts & Figures

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Break through

Life Surfers is born out of sheer passion to help people have better mental health. Mental Ill-health is a loss of human potential. Continued mental health problems impact people’s decision making, everyday adjustments, productivity, relationships and social behavior.

Our story


Youth for Youth program is focused to promote mental health awareness and create trained mental health peer support within the college campuses across India. We wish to equip young adults with mental health first aid skills to enable them to become mental health first aid support to their peers experiencing mental health crisis or distress and patch them with appropriate professional help for care.

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To have trained mental health peer support as a campus mental health policy in India.


To create 1 Million trained peer mental health support for campuses in India.



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Are you facing issues doing daily life activities?

If you are having a tough time dealing with with daily life issues, then you may be are dealing with depression.

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What our happy clients say

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“Doctor Snigdha is very particular about the problems/challenges faced by the patient,first she will get into the depth of it and then start giving the solution to it.She doesn’t rush at all and listens to you very calmly all along.I wud recommend her as she is very scientific and friendly also at the same time.”

Prashant Sharma

“I have been under Snigdha’s therapy for almost a year. After many unsatisfactory visits to several therapists, counsellors and life coaches over many years I found someone who was able to help me make significant progress in not only my depression, but also other aspects like dealing with anger, anxiety and family issues in a healthy manner. She is not only only patient and empathetic, but also a very friendly face – I really looked forward to my sessions and she helped keep me motivated. Snigdha is extremely professional during all her sessions, concentrating on solving real issues systematically, instead of giving an hour’s worth of life advice (something a lot of counsellors tend to do). Her use of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy techniques have been particularly helpful for my depression and helps me actually measure my progress over time with quantifiable evidence. I have been very happy with my experience with her so far.”