About Us

Life Surfers is a social enterprise focused on Upskilling Mental Well-being  to bridge the mental health care gap in India. We create community based tertiary mental health support system through Peer Mental Health First Aid Trainings , with special focus on Young Adult Mental Health and Psychologist Fellowships. We help create an ecosystem of inclusive and accessible mental healthcare with psycho social support. We understand and strongly believe that mental health is not an individual but a social, cultural, economic and political problem. Therefore, our work reflects the respect, empathy, dignity and compassion we maintain in all our training and interactions.

Our Vision

Have an India with no stigma about Mental Health with accessible and affordable mental health care

Our Mission


Our Focus

Training laypersons in Peer Mental Health First Aid to create a trained tertiary mental health support system in India. (PMFHA), Psychologist Education- training & mentoring young psychologists, Mental Health Counselling

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Our Team

Snigdha Mishra

Snigdha is a Psychotherapist, Trainer and Life Coach.  She is the Founder of Life Surfers and The  Mind-Life Project. She is also Secretary – Training & Supervision at Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association and Co-Founder Let’s Talk. She has training and expertise in Cognitive and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapies, Clinical Hypnotherapy. Snigdha has training in CBT from The Beck Institute, Philadelphia, USA and is a certified Corporate Social Responsibility Trainer from Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India. 

Her core areas of work are Counselling, Psychologist Education and Corporate Wellness with focus on upskilling mental well-being by enhancing emotional and behavioural health and psycho education. Her passion project is THe Mind- Life Project for prevention , promotion and accessible mental health support and care. 

She is adept at utilising her expertise in human relationships for designing workshops and training programs, with an emphasis on emotional, behaviour and life skills development. As a corporate trainer and facilitator, she inspires professionals to capitalise on change and grow beyond their perceived potential by adopting new skills, behaviours, and mind-sets. She has enabled groups and individuals to explore and learn new strategies for effective life (professional /personal) management and is well versed with social & cultural issues. 

Her work in employee counselling and wellness has been with following organisations.Johnson & Johnson, CA Technologies , Accenture, Amex, Glaxo Smith Kline, HSBC , Tata Consultancy Services, Citibank, IBM, Rio Tinto, Engineers India Ltd., Synopsys, Wipro, Bank of America, United Spirits Ltd, Concentrix and Barclays to name a few. 

Snigdha is an avid reader, music lover, a passionate cook and social activist. She actively supports capacity building and awareness on Gender Equality & Mental Health. She is a Gurgaon, India based psychologist. She runs a Mental Well-Being Youtube channel to help build awareness on connecting mental health and quality of life.

Dr. Vipul Rastogi

Dr. Rastogi is a  consultant in behavioral neurology and psychiatry. He has completed his training in psychiatry from the UK and has worked as a consultant psychiatrist within NHS in the UK and is one of the very few psychiatrists in India who has had formal training in neurology and has completed M.Sc. In Clinical Neurology from Queen Square, London which is one of the foremost institutions for neurology in the world.

He also has a PG Diploma in Neuropsychiatry from the University of Birmingham, UK and a Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry from the Republic of Ireland. He believes in holistic treatment of psychiatric disorders and alongside medications is able to provide comprehensive psychological and social support to his patients.  

He has been working at Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon and at Gurgaon Multispeciality Clinic.

Our story

Life Surfers is born out of sheer passion to help people have better mental health. Mental Ill-health is a loss of human potential. Continued mental health problems impact people’s decision making, everyday adjustments, productivity, relationships and social behavior.

High stigma, misinformation and high treatment gap, make it a very lonely journey for someone already struggling with Mental Ill-health. Add to this the impact their struggle has on the family, caregivers, peers and friends.

Prevention, management and coping with mental health problems can be done very effectively with learning emotional , behavioural and thought skills. Therefore Life Surfers is about Upskilling Mental Well- being. We have Gurgaon, India based Psychologists also.