Technology Assisted Counselling training (TACT)

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Tele Mental Health and technology assisted counselling services have existed for many years. In India, however, this is a recent phenomenon with limited services operational since 2015. Limited mobility and physical distancing due to COVID 19 lockdown, has pushed many Psychologists to switch to online counselling. For some, the technical know-how and transition have been smooth, but many have found themselves struggling. Their struggle has been both technological and with counselling skills required to assist someone remotely.
Life Surfers, Technology Assisted Counselling Training  [TACT] is a 10 hr skill training. TACT is intended to equip the participant with adequate skills to develop and transition their practice from in-person to online counselling, through the use of video, telephone, or chat interface.  
Life Surfers, TACT uses role-plays, case studies, case discussions, peer supervision, and peer support as a training method. TACT is spread over five online classes of two hours each,  for two weeks to encourage action-oriented learning and continued application of classroom learning at work, followed by peer support and in-class supervision.

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