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life surfers, mental health, counselling, internship

      Life Surfers interns work for The Mind-Life Project, with an aim to think like a mental health professional. The Mind-Life Project, intends to connect mental health to quality of life. We focus on interns passion, commitment, social media and communication skills to research, curate and disseminate information to raise awareness and de-stigmatise […]

Technology Assisted Counselling training (TACT)

life surfers, mental health, counselling, TACT, online counselling, technology assisted counselling training

Tele Mental Health and technology assisted counselling services have existed for many years. In India, however, this is a recent phenomenon with limited services operational since 2015. Limited mobility and physical distancing due to COVID 19 lockdown, has pushed many Psychologists to switch to online counselling. For some, the technical know-how and transition have been […]


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